VR in teaching

Authors: Igor Perko, Lidija Hauptman, Nusa Basle, University of Maribor, Faculty of economics and business

The course connects the emerging virtual reality (VR) with teaching challenges in higher education institutions. It examines several VR options being applied in the teaching process. It starts with examining low cost google classes and continues with the Oculus Quest 2 glasses, currently available for consumers, focusing on their capacity and limitations.

In a series of videos, we examine how to integrate the virtual and the real working environments, how to conduct a meeting in VR, which apps are available to facilitate creativity, gaming, interactivity in the learning process. We also examine on some of the fields, requiring high 3D visualization skills, such as anatomy in medicine and biochemistry.

In the VR apps market examination, we expand from the limited meta shop to discover additional producers, preparing new solutions.

Last, we address the issue of biometric data gathering in (not only) VR devices, such as eye tracking and voice recognition and propose for introducing ethically acceptable approaches of sharing data based on ownership rights.

VR in teaching